Monday, June 28, 2010

Marriage Bureau for HIV Patients

India is gradually progressing in its social views and breaking the shackles of conservative and orthodox beliefs. HIV infected patients have long been kept on the peripheries of the society but with time, they are also included in the social gatherings and given their due right to live like others. The latest advancement is the setting up of a marriage bureau in Mumbai for HIV patients.

Marriage is a venerable institution that completes individuals by uniting them with their life partners. The marriage of HIV patients is looked at with raised eyebrows as it involves having kids and sex related problems. But, this marriage bureau, NTP+ (Network in Thane by People Living with HIV/Aids) engages services of counselors to give authentic medical advice to the members. It is related to marrying, sex related issues, conducting post marriage life, having children, etc.

Marriage is a great way of bringing happiness and meaning to the lives of HIV patients. Those infected say that living with HIV teaches them to value every single relation, friend, contact, etc. as they become precious fulcrums of existence. NTP+ aims at enhancing the quality of life and providing sense of security to the patients irrespective of their gender, caste or age. It has become a networking platform for them with members of all ages-from kids to young as well as old men and women.

Like other non infected people, they too value the relations, in fact, much more. They must also experience all the gifts of life and find a life companion for themselves.

Hands down to the founder of the community, Shabana Patel, who is encouraging mingling between HIV patients. This is sure not only to give them a renewed sense of hope but also a larger than life dimension to their insecure lives.

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